North Bay FAQs

Who can worship here?

All are welcome to participate in this community as we seek God together. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28)

What Is a Community Church?

A Community Church is an ecumenical congregation that grows out of the hopes, needs and aspirations of the community. It is neither planted nor transplanted from the outside, but a native product of the community.
A Community Church serves all the community and claims the whole of the community as its parish. It welcomes all who love Jesus Christ, regardless of other affiliations, and at the Table of the Lord urges all who love the Lord, to come.
A Community Church is self-governing and relies on the Holy Spirit working through its structures. It assumes full responsibility for its life and work at the local level.
A Community Church does not live by itself, but recognizes that it is part of the Holy Church proclaimed in the Apostle’s Creed, and is in fellowship with all other churches proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. It yearns for the unity of all Christendom and labors earnestly for that end.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to encourage and equip people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. To accomplish our mission, we strive to fulfill the five Biblical purposes which we believe God gave to every church.
• to glorify God through worship,
• to lead persons into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ,
• to unite Christians in fellowship for spiritual development,
• to make known the gospel of Jesus Christ,
• to equip its members to serve Christ and their neighbors in daily living.

What are the people like who come to North Bay Community Church?

We are a group of people of all ages, races and walks of life – We represent people who have grown up in the Christian faith, those who are exploring, and everything in between. Between 200 and 300 are with us each Sunday.
Our members describe North Bay Community Church in many ways. Here are a few:
• Sometimes reflective, sometimes energetic
• A sense that we’re part of something exciting and bigger than ourselves
• A place where every generation can cultivate a deeper relationship with God
• A place that let’s you take steps toward God and others when you’re ready
• A place kids will drag their parents to come to
• Christ is at the center
• People are honored
• God is taken seriously
• We laugh at ourselves
• Relevant but not shallow
• You don’t have to check your mind out at the door
• All kinds of people feel welcome
• Life is constantly defined by the Bible
• There are no pre-requisites for coming
• Spiritual Growth is normal
• Victories are celebrated
• Surprises happen
• Singles and divorcees feel welcome
• Kids feel important
• It feels safe
• It is challenging
• Deep caring for individuals, each other, the community and world is evident
• Faith is expressed through different art forms (the music is GREAT!)
We seek to make the main thing the main thing. That is, we focus on the essentials of Christian Faith, not the non-essentials.

What is your bottom line?

We are about learning to love God and our neighbors. We desire to see lives, communities and nations transformed. Our hope is that through North Bay Community Church, many people will find a place to belong, discover God’s dream for their lives and holistically grow to the point were they can give back to God and others what was first given to them.

What are some good ways to connect?

Come to our worship services. Go to one of our many events. Join a small group that is interesting to you. We have so many options. Take the initiative. You will find that we’re very friendly, but we’re not the types to bug you. Or, grab one of us and say: “Hey, I want to get connected here.”

Fly Higher with Christ
Traditional Service: 10:30AM