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From your experiences, you know that each church is unique, having its own personalities and traditions. North Bay Church is no exception. We want to thank you, in advance, for honoring the traditions we observe. Within the framework of these traditions, you will find that you will have ample time, space and opportunity to take the pictures you desire. We trust you will follow these procedures. If you have questions, please speak to the minister. We look forward to working with you.

  1. Please introduce yourself to the officiating pastor upon arrival on the campus of the church.

  2. At the wedding rehearsal, times and spacing have been set for the processional/recessional for you to take pictures.

  3. You may take flash pictures of the wedding party coming in and going out. During the wedding ceremony, take photographs without flash from the rear or side of the sanctuary only. You may not be up on the stage area during the ceremony. The ceremony begins when the minister welcomes the guests and ends with announcing of “Man and Wife.”

  4. We appreciate your being as inconspicuous as possible. As you know, the guests want to see the wedding as it takes place.

  5. Following the ceremony, the wedding party will come back into the sanctuary where you will be in charge of posing. Please, first take any pictures that will include the officiating minister.

  6. Do not move any furniture without permission.

  7. Do not bring backdrops, etc., into the sanctuary.

  8. Please use a hand-held camera since large tri-pods may hinder the movement of the wedding party and minister.

  9. We discourage the use of Monitors and other visible equipment.

  10. Flood lights are not allowed.

  11. If the couple is expecting a “candlelight” ceremony, explain to them why the video will require brighter lights.

Thank you for your cooperation in following these procedures.

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