Sermons / How much does it cost?

  1. No date shall be booked on the church calendar without a booking deposit. Booking deposit is 50% of the church fee. Booking deposit will be applied to the total church fee. Booking deposit is not refundable.

  2. Pastors have discretion in “member” determination. However, the member is usually the bride, groom or immediate family.

  3. All fees, except the booking deposit, are to be paid on re-hearsal night.

  4. All weddings require a custodian. The NBCC organist is the be the 1st choice for each wedding. A sound person is required when the sound system is used.

  5. All weddings where the pastors are NOT from NBCC staff shall require Senior Pastor approval before confirming the date on the church calendar.

  6. All fees include counseling and reasonable rehearsal time.

Active Supporting Member                                   Non-Member

Pastor        $250.00                                                Pastor         $300.00

Church       -0-                                                       Church        $500.00

Organist    $150.00                                               Organist      $150.00

Custodian  $50.00                                                 Custodian   $100.00

Sound        $50.00                                                 Sound         $50.00

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