Sermons / What Is a Community Church?

A Community Church is an ecumenical congregation that grows out of the hopes, needs and aspirations of the community. It is neither planted nor transplanted from the outside, but a native product of the community.
A Community Church serves all the community and claims the whole of the community as its parish. It welcomes all who love Jesus Christ, regardless of other affiliations, and at the Table of the Lord urges all who love the Lord, to come.
A Community Church is self-governing and relies on the Holy Spirit working through its structures. It assumes full responsibility for its life and work at the local level.
A Community Church does not live by itself, but recognizes that it is part of the Holy Church proclaimed in the Apostle’s Creed, and is in fellowship with all other churches proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. It yearns for the unity of all Christendom and labors earnestly for that end.

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