Sermons / What Should We Not Do?

Against this background we deplore certain errors in thought and practice pertaining to infant Baptism. For one thing, we deplore the error of thinking of this as a ceremony for the benefit of the parents. It does or should give them an increased sense of responsibility before God for the Christian nurture of their child. But the sacrament goes far beyond that. It also recognizes whose child they are raising. The lord their God.

Again, we deplore thinking of infant Baptism as a mere ceremony of christening. It is not the church’s naming ceremony. It is true that at Baptism the child’s Christian name is given aloud to the church, but that is for the family of God to hear the name of their new member. Infant Baptism is real Baptism and therefore does not require to be repeated later in life when the child reaches some more mature age.

We also deplore the spoiling of this great sacrament by the use of a flower dipped into the water and placed on the infant’s head or other showy, irreverent acts. Why? Because such acts have no historic religious significance. No flower can take the place of the hand of the man of God placed directly upon the infant’s head. We are dealing here with a profound spiritual mystery, not a touching ceremony at which we take memorable pictures.

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